Intatrade Chemicals GmbH
is a chemical company of new generation with focussing on strict traditions adherence.
It’s simple to be successful, we just need to be the first. For this reason we must be innovative and quick oriented. We have a 15 year old market experience with european, korean, north-american and several other countries. Furthermore we are a exclusive agent for many russian and east european producers. 
Our key position is providing of quick and optimal solution on market of fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and their intermediates, dyes, organo-metallic and inorganic compounds with Reo or high purity, custom synthesis products.
Full technical support for these product is provided by our strong partners. Thanks to our close working relationship with numerous suppliers from former Soviet union countries, we offer 60% of all our products from former Soviet Union Universities and producers from grams to commercial quantities. If needed we can discuss about custom synthesis and try to help you with the best solution for your problems.

We would be pleased to discuss with you possible ways to find the best possible solution for your demand. 

Our services

Custom Synthesis Under Agreement

  • Halogen phosphines (RnPX3-n)
  • Aminoalkyl(aryl) phosphines (Alk2N)nPR3-n 
  • Amino chloro phosphines (Alk2N)nPCl3-n 
  • Bis(dichlorophosphino)polymethylenes (Cl2P(CH2)nPCl2) 
  • Bis[dialkyl(aryl)phosphino]polymethylenes (R2P(CH2)nPR2) 
  • Bis[dialkyl(aryl)phosphino]polymethylenes monooxides (R2P(CH2)nP(O)R2) 
  • Phosphine borane complexes R2PH*BH3 
  • Alkyl, aryl and alkoxy derivatives of silicon, germanium and tin 

Delivery Service

Our delivery program has no ranges. Because if you can't find something in our permanent supplying products brochure (which can be downloaded here) you may just contact us, and we'll find it for you on optimal condition and at fair prices.


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